Ups and downs.

2014-07-30 @ 01:12:05
I know that I normally write my blog posts in Swedish but this time I want to write in English just because I can. This is going to be my most personal blog post ever that I have wrote or is going to write so I hop you all can understand what I mean and everything, I am not in any way trying to get any sort of attention or so. 
I have back and forth been thinking if I have done the right choice by moving to the U.S. When I moved last summer I couldn't be anymore happier and I tought that this was the right choice for me and that this moment is only gonna happen once and I was so happy. I got a lot of help from my dad which I am really happy about and I have my mothers support back from home, but not to say I have my grandma and grandpa on my dad side to thank for as well.
So to come to the point of this blog post I just want to say that I do not know anymore if this is the right thing for me to live and study in the U.S. I still love to take photos and I do not want to be anything else then a photographer when I am older. The thing is that I have had peridos in my life while living in the U.S that is like I do not want to do this anymore and want to move back home, I always know that I have the choice to do so if I want to.
I have tried to see the best of my time studying in USA and I know that everything can not be ''dancing on roses'' and that there can be ups and downs in your life.
I love to travel around the world and to see new places is one of the best thing I can ever do, but when I am at a place for a long time without seeing the people I love the most, like my family and my relatives it gets kind of hard. As some of you may know I am from Sweden and I will always see Sweden as my home country and I am so happy that I have been born and raise there, even though I lived in Dubai with my family for a couple of years when I was younger. I will see what this fall takes me and to the best of the situation and hope for the best. But as it seems like now I do not want to live in the U.S for a long time and probably move back to Sweden at one point. 


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