This summer.

2014-07-23 @ 20:58:13
I do not relly know if I should write in English or Swedish but lets try English this time. This summer has been one of tje greatest so far even though I haven't really done much. I have had time to not think about school that much which has been great. After I was done with school for summer I went home to Sweden to visit my mother and my grandmas and grandpas and the weather has been amazing. The second week I was home my mother got a dog which I really like a lot and he is so nice and have started to follow me around even though I do not tell him to go after me. I went to Gröna Lund one day which is like Six Flags in the U.S. and to ABBA museum with two friends, my mother and my friends dad. Went mini golfing one day as well, which was fun. Other then that I haven't really done much but I don't complain. Went home to my hometown in Sweden to visit my brother and my dads mom and dad down at their summer house.
One thing I want to do next summer is to rent a house in the UK just for fun because I want to visit thr UK, but I will see about that.
I hope that everyone is having a great summer and have had a great time so far! 😀


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